Stories & How to Tell Them

Stories and How To Tell Them, FlyerStories & How to Tell Them  are a series of workshops that can be accessed independently or as part of a five day short course. Ursula first developed them for story enthusiasts and educators who had a passing interest in the art but weren’t sure of how to go about finding, rehearsing or performing a story. The focus of each session is to enable participants to find their own story style through Ursula’s sharing of handy hints, practical skills & techniques, confessions of belly flops & suggestions of where and how to source captivating material.


  • Age Range: Adults and Young People 11 +
  • Participant Capacity: 5 to 50 +
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating


I could not believe how much I learned in a short time. Working in groups and with plenty of lively discussion we were shown how to identify the essence of a story and then how telling the story from a different angle can radically change it and indeed – how it is told! Ursula has given me the courage to do things differently. Each workshop was a mini master class. (Bunty Gotts for Whitby Folk Week, 2016)