Boggarts & How to Trick Them

Boggarts & How to Trick Them, FlyerSmall gnome like creatures called Boggarts have been living wild on the moors around here since before time began. For centuries they managed to exist peaceably alongside humans, keeping themselves well hidden in ditches and hedgerows and appearing only to unsuspecting travellers with the promise of a trick if no treat was forthcoming. But gradually humans over farmed the moors, burnt them, built on them and polluted them with their factories and so the Boggarts got angry and became more goblinesque. They set about sneaking down into town and causing a right rumpus. And indeed, they still do. Especially at this time of year. Quick to shapeshift, slippery in their speech and fast on their humungous hairy feet so their pranks all look like your fault, the stories you’ll hear on this Boggarts & How to Trick Them Trail won’t only protect you from the wily ways of these halflings but will also teach you how to identify, outwit and even befriend one! Join master storyteller & Boggart re-homer Ursula Holden Gill on Sunday 29th October at 2pm in Hebden Bridge Town Centre she transforms familiar streets into a series of magical hideouts & prankster points you never even knew were there! This is a special event commissioned by Calderdale’s Great Pumpkin Festival.

  • Age Range: Children 4 +
  • Audience Capacity: 5 to 50 +
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Venue Requirements: Open Space
Ursula brings a unique blend of warmth, energy, compassion and enthusiasm to her performances, keeping the audience enthralled throughout. Her sessions with young people are amazing. They are spellbound by her! (Debbie Moody, Youth Librarian for Leeds Central Library, 2016)