Into the Light

Into The Light poster, Ursula Holden Gill

Into the Light is a carefully crafted collection of traditional and autobiographical seasonal songs and stories. Drawing on the writings of Hans Christian Anderson, The Brothers Grimm, Oscar Wilde, The Mabinogion and Celtic mythology, as well as the wisdom of her beloved Grandma Holden, Ursula guides you deftly away from dark thoughts and dreary weather, heralding new beginnings and all that’s good to

  • Age Range: Adults and Children 4 +
  • Audience Capacity: 5 to 50 +
  • Duration: A Moveable Feast
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating


Ursula-With-Banjo.jpgUrsula is a dynamic and engaging performance storyteller. She brilliantly uses the skills of the fireside tale teller and the urban myth maker to address much bigger issues. Nonetheless her high energy performances are always hugely entertaining. Ursula is a warm hearted tornado blowing fresh themes and new insights through the always exciting world of storytelling.
Mike O’Connor, Storyteller and Folk Musician, August 2015