Jennet: Telling Tales on the Lancashire Witches

Clogs, Cat and Broomstick PosterJennet: Telling Tales on the Lancashire Witches was first commissioned by Radio Lancashire in 2010, when the infamous Witch Trials first appeared on the National Curriculum for History. It was later developed into The Secret Map of Pendle, a theatrical performance which Ursula pioneered alongside Shadow Dance Theatre Company as part of the Pendle 400 Festival and showcased at Halifax Square Chapel for the Arts in 2012. With a lifelong love of Pendle Hill as a landmark and having a huge empathy for how the accused lived there and what they suffered in the hands of the law, Ursula wanted to write something that could entertain and educate and introduce a new generation to the grisly heritage and mystery that still hangs over Lancashire, half forgotten, seemingly silent….. Thus, for Jennet she adapted original transcripts of the 1612 trials, conducted extensive research into the lives and family backgrounds of the men and women found guilty and then transformed them into a spellbinding, spine tingling story which she initially toured with Christine McMahon.

  • Age Range: Young People 11 +
  • Audience Capacity: 5 to 50 +
  • Duration: 40 Minutes
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating


Ursula with skinheadUrsula’s storytelling has a vibrancy that immediately engages her listeners. Her stories sparkle as the characters in them come to life, Ursula’s skilful use of humour is balanced with her ability to tell poignant tales, taking her audiences through a whole range of emotions…..

  Liz Weir, Storyteller