On this Island

Heart poster for Ursula Holden GillOn this Island is an intricate weaving together of Ursula’s favourite Celtic folk tales, songs, clog and Cotswold morris dances and her own contemporary stories. The set further features some of Ursula’s own ‘Songs from the Stories’ which she recorded with musicians Keith Donnelly, Martyn and Oram, Anna Ryder and Bill Bates on Homespun Records in 2012. The Handless Maiden’s Daughter is currently available on CD. On this Island was first toured by Dream On Productions to Columbian Secondary Schools in the Autumn of 2014 and has since proved extremely popular with teenage audiences across the UK.

  • Age Range: Adults and Young People 11 +
  • Audience Capacity: 10 to 100 +
  • Duration: A Moveable Feast
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating and a microphone and amp for larger audiences


Ursula at the beech tree 2014

“All the tools of the ancient balladeers are fused expertly with theatrical nous, lyrical skill and a warm beating heart to make Ursula Holden-Gill an engaging, enthralling, amusing and powerfully humane performer who acts as a gate-keeper for all those brave souls who are willing to see the world as it truly is: terrifying and beautiful in equal measure”. (Adelphi Story Nights Team, October 2010)


Sue Coe, The Ryburn Three Step, October 2011