The Bard’s Bridge

The Bards Bridge poster with Ursula Holden GillThe Bard’s Bridge is an intricately self – penned, traditionally inspired fairy tale. Woven from various sources; including a 17th century witching tale, a children’s classic, a contemporary Italian folktale and a silly little anecdote she learned down the pub, through the story Ursula challenges listeners to consider their relationship with archetype and loss, desire, sense of place, death, dreams and ultimately, transformation. In this way it promises something for everyone; including a good measure of Ursula’s characteristic shape shifting, beautifully haunting folk song and some West moor land clog.

  • Age Range: Adults and Children 10 +
  • Audience Capacity: 10 to 100 +
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (2 x 45 Minute Halves)
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating and a microphone and amp for larger audiences

Ursula Holden Gill in 2012

From the first moment Ursula Holden Gill entranced and mesmerized our audience. This is a fascinating, richly woven tale with wonderful pace and truly great characters. Interspersed with a mixture of Westmoorland Clog dancing, folksong and songs of her own, Ursula built tension and suspense to a great pitch and then brought the tale to a beautiful conclusion. We did not want it to end. We didn’t want to wrench ourselves back to reality.


Honour Giles and Helen Stewart, Word of Mouth Story Club, Manchester, October 2015