The Way through the Woods

Shadow Puppet PosterUrsula casts a fairy glamour to guide us safely all The Way through the Woods, bewitching with traditional tales of children who must draw upon their courage and kindness, enlist the help of various animal guides and outwit some of the most formidable figures who lurk amongst the undergrowth.

The Way through the Woods was first performed as a story walk as part of the Ted Hughes Festival and the Sewerby Hall Gardens Fairy Trail. Interactive and thoroughly enchanting the piece is equally educational in so far as it allows Ursula to exercise her extensive knowledge of tree, plant and folklore, encouraging children to learn about the flora and fauna most firmly associated with each fairy tales and indeed, something of the little people themselves! In 2015 Ursula was invited to showcase the stories, songs and associated dances at the award winning West Yorkshire Heart Gallery to launch the folk art exhibition of Brighton based print maker Teresa Winchester. She found, to her delight, that they translated wonderfully into an enclosed space and so are capable of stirring the senses through the imagination, almost as well as they do amongst the trees.

  • Age Range: Children 6 to 11 Years
  • Audience Capacity: 5 to 50 +
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating (if indoors) Any green space (if outdoors)


Ursula brings a unique blend of warmth, compassion, Ursula and the acorn energy and enthusiasm to her performances and workshops, keeping the audience enthralled throughout. Her sessions with young people are amazing – they are spellbound by her.


Debbie Moody, Youth Librarian, Leeds Central Library, June 2015